The Attraction That is Trending NOW– Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is most beautiful during the season of Fall. The leaves are beginning to change colors and the spirit of fall is just arriving. You can take a tour through the gardens that they have available. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden is famous for field trips. Children across Georgia visit and tour the garden every year. Ticket prices are no more than $20, and it is worth the experience.

Also, with Christmas around the corner, Atlanta Botanical Garden puts on a gorgeous light show. You can drive through the area and get a feel for the Christmas spirit! There is a video right as you enter the site that shows more on the Garden Lights: Holiday Lights:

So, take a tour of the lovely gardens, whether you are a fall person or a holiday person… You will not be disappointed! 




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2 thoughts on “The Attraction That is Trending NOW– Atlanta Botanical Garden

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  2. These are two very beautiful images you included here in your blog. I’ve never been to Botanical Gardens, but it looks like an interesting place. I’m thinking I visited some kind of main attraction garden; not sure if it was this one. You’ve grabbed my attention with this blog. I’m going to ask my boyfriend if he wants to take the trip. Nice blog!

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